Breaking News!!! Ronda Rousey announces retirement after Nunes fight

Whatever you do tonight, do not be click baited when you type Ronda Rousey name in the search bar. At the top of the page will be a list of tweets and you will see this thumbnail below 

I clicked on it as you would have too. I mean, it’s timely. You can see the blue in her straps and the bruises on her face. I don’t know where this interview is from but I doubt it is from tonight. It starts out the first 2 seconds with her speaking then some random moaning from a porn actress. Yes, moaning. And it’s extremely loud. I was in front of my parents when it happened and just got my ass beat. Now me and Ronda have something in common. I was already being spanked by the time I showed them I got trolled by some clever bastard. 

Moral of the story: have headphones in at ALL TIMES!!!


What Are Your Thoughts?

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