You have got to be a fool to have a baby with her

Something random. I know this single mother with 2 kids who don’t want a man with kids. She only wants a child-less man. Her reason? Because of the type of baby daddy she has (absuive) and her family situation at the time (homeless) she never fully enjoyed the 9 months she was pregnant. Remind you she has TWO kids who aren’t twins and who are around the same age. All by the same baby daddy. If you are a child-less man YOU HAVE GOT TO BE A FOOL to be sympathetic towards this and put your seed in her. Guess what? I’m that child-less who she been TRYING to persuade to make horiible decision. Now if you some othe guy without a child and you like her THAT’S ON YOU. This is what people who jump in relationships fail to realize and understand. If someone comes with baggage you have to accept that as well. You have to accept the good and bad. If that person has 5 kids, smokes weed, got baby daddy drama, other men who can’t move on, college debt…then you gotta accept that. And if you decide to marry them then y’all are one and it’s yours as well. I’m honest with myself enough to say I won’t love another man’s child like I would my own. It will be awkward for me to have my first child with a girl who already has two. First off, my excitement and her excitement will be totally different. She actually won’t be excited at all cause it’s not new. But that’s another blog post. I don’t see me treating the other children as good as my own, which will create some tension between siblings as well as with the mother. 

I say all this to say this. Fellas, know your worth and think with your big head so your future won’t be dim cause who you gotta deal with for a lifetime. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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