8 months I have had this taser and yet to use it 

Know those bums that like to hang out in front of the corner store?!?! These muthafuckas have evolved. 4 times now I have went inside this convenience store to be greeted by these 3 guys just chilling near the entrance. Now I don’t think the owners are generous because it’s cold out. Nah. I think these muthafuckas just evolved. It’s always in certain neighborhoods too. You think they would be able to do that in midtown or downtown in front of one of these quality stores or restaurants. I have no respect for a owner that allows bums to stand outside their store. Only reason I go there is because it’s convenient in every sense of the word. That shit is across the street from my house. 

Today marks the 3rd I was suppose to use my taser in the 8 months I have owned one. As I’m walking to Yums to pick up my steak and cheese I get asked “Aye you wanna buy some weed?” Typical me fashion I ignore them. Then I hear “fuck you.” I reply, “fuck me then.” Why would you tough talk me when a police car is sitting right here in the parking lot.” He said, “oh he won’t be there long.” As I’m waiting on my food I make sure my taser is ready. Red light on. I come out and it’s the same thing. He tried to persuade me to go around the corner. I’m not stupid. There was 4 of them and only one of me. I swear on my unborn kids when he walked pass me to go around the corner I wanted to tase that bitch right in the face. I was clutching the grip. If I had done that it would have ended bad for me. The police was in the store for some other issues. Someone who got something going for themselves don’t hang out in 30 degree weather in front of corner stores. If I tazed him I would have been foolish. So I just reported them to the police in the store. His pig ass didn’t do shit. The operator I later called made me wanna report her for her attitude. 

Now here I am looking out my window hoping to catch one of them walking alone. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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