I figured out a way to not let the bag of salad go to waste!


Boiled eggs!

I go to the grocery store. I buy a salad bag. The big one. The one that’s $3.99. Carrots, lettuce, that purple stuff and all that fun healthy stuff. I eat it, but it’s always some left past its expiration date. That’s a waste of money. That’s always the bad part about buying salads and milk, is it takes priority over you eating any of your other groceries cause it expires in 3 days. 

2 weeks ago my grandma brought me a salad with some boiled eggs. That shit was good. So now my last 2 trips to the grocery store has been buying eggs. Before I discovered how good eggs are with salads both products on its own always struggled to come out the refrigerator. I don’t eat eggs for breakfast unless it’s the AM Crunchwrap from Taco Bell and if it’s on my Philly Cheese Steak. Or if it’s on my face. But whatever. Today I boiled 4 eggs and successfully emptied a bag of salad. Suffice to say this other bag of salad I got will be done considering I got 20 eggs left. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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