Did my boss do something to my hot & spicy? All 4 of ’em 

This past weekend I passed my Property & Casualty state exams. As a reward my boss bought me 4 hot & spicys from McDonalds. A week prior I came back in the office during my lunch break and shared (not as in gave one. I don’t share food. I’m greedy like that.) what was in the bag. This past Monday he jokingly kept saying he was gone do it. Then with 30 minutes left in my lunch Tuesday, he came in and dropped a McDonald bag on my desk. The hot & spicy that was on top was packaged poorly. Now this could have just been how the employed wrapped it. Soon as I ate the last hot & spicy (within 12 minutes. Told you I’m greedy like that.) I experienced a sharp pain on the left side of my chest. I immediately think my boss did something to my food. I don’t believe in coincidence. I was feeling perfectly fine before I ate this shit. But you telling me soon as I eat the last one I feel like I got stabbed?!?! Now if I bought this directly myself then it will be only the McDonalds people I would be looking at sideways, but noooo my boss is the middle man. Reason I also suspect him is cause how quiet I am and how to myself I am. We don’t have serious beef to where I want to kill him. And I would think its the same for him seeing how he is the boss and could fire me. Even as I type this in bed I’m still feeling this sharp pain. I’m not sick or feel any sickness coming along. Just pain underneath my left man breast. It almost feel like a stone is stuck. A kidney stone that is. 

And I don’t suspect the food itself since I always eat hot & spicys and larger quantities. Hell if I bought it myself I would have had some large fries too. 

Part of me want to flat out ask him did he do something to my food. I’m not scared of shit. I don’t care if he writes my check. This is my health. I’m just waiting to see if this pain persist like it has. I have felt this before. Could be a coincidence but it’s hard to to believe. This is not something minor as every time I take a deep breath it hurts. 

I do plan on writing or drawing a official post about my P&C license. 

I honestly wrote this blog post as insurance if something was to suddenly happen to me. I want a written record of my thoughts to the source of my pain. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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