Is Randy Orton Dead?

So I just checked WWE’s YouTube channel to check Summerslam results. Last video was a one minute clip of Brock vs Orton. In the comment I keep seeing “RIP Orton.  You will be killing legends in heaven.” Everyone keep saying what Brock did to him. I googled it and read about 5 articles about the pool of blood Brock left Randy in and how it seemed unscripted and real. I finally saw a mute clip (copyright) of the last 5 minutes of the match. While it did look real it also looked fake. While it could be said Randy was protecting his head from trauma when Brock was punching him, he could also been blading himself or using a blood capsule. We don’t know what was inside that black tape on his hands. Also, why wasn’t Brock also kicking him while he was down? And why did he choose to use a wrestling move on Shane instead of just straight up punching him?

I wanna know if this shit was scripted or real. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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