Fighting back tears at work

Have you ever been in a public setting like work or school and was fighting tears so no one would see you cry and ask “what’s wrong?” ?

For the last 2 hours of my shift that was me today. Thinking about 2 special ladies I lost in the first half of 2016 due to my anger. One my best friend. The other I wanted to be my wife. I fucked things up and the things they said haunt my thoughts. I ask myself how much have I improved on my temper since. Not much. Not much at all. Well, I better improve it by a thousand percent if i don’t wanna lose people like them again. Not doing it for other people per say. Doing it for me cause it affects me emotionally and mentally that I can’t text or call the person I know would understand. That shit hurt. 😥


What Are Your Thoughts?

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