Today I was called by my skin tone … AGAIN!

There I am, walking to the store and hear a distant “aye red, aye red.” I never acknowledge my surrounding to see if he was talking to me or anyone else, but I’m pretty sure he was talking to me. This also means I never looked at who said it, but I bet $20 that it was a dark skinned guy (maybe even homosexual). I know he didn’t know my name, but calling someone by their skin tone is the best you can do? Cause I have never done that. If I was to shout at you it would be a simple AYE or describing what you have on. That guy could have said “aye you in the black polo shirt with the blue jeans on.” 

This whole skin tone thing sound like some feminine shit. I hear guys all the time catcall a woman by her skin tone. So now y’all doing it to men who are lighter than y’all too? Again all this shit is what darkskin males do. I have yet to hear or see a white male or a lighter skin male address people like this. These fuckers are so insecure it’s not funny. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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