What’s up with people with darker skin???? Why are they so insecure? 

I’m thinking about writing a more thorough post on this topic but I just need to get a rant out tonight about this subject courtesy of the NBA Finals. I noticed on social media, particularly in YouTube comments and Twitter that black people have made this a lightskin vs darkskin thing just cause Curry is the former and LeBron is the latter. Then I also noticed they are comparing their skin tones of both families with Curry’s side being lighter and LeBron’s being brown. This shit is crazy. Then I’m watching a video after the game tonight with this vlogger who usually only post battle rap related stuff. He posts up a video of the final minutes of the game. Him holding his camera to the TV doing commentary. He is steady calling Curry a “lightskin nigga” (the vlogger is darkskin). I reported that video cause I knew he only posted it up to get them NBA views but more so cause of that insult. Plus it’s copyright material. (unfortunately YouTube requires the NBA themselves to flag it). I also unsubscribed to him. 

Okay, here is why I named the title that. I have noticed it’s darker skinned people that perpetuate the lightskin vs darkskin. I have not once heard a lightskin people do any sort of commentary on a heavy shade and call them “that darkskin nigga.”  Every time I hear someone call another by their shade it’s always a damn darkskin person. Me, personally, I am lightskin, and I can confirm this. I never addressed anyone by their skin tone but I have been called “red” and “light bright” by several darkskin people. Crazy part is most of them were dudes. I never called them “chocolate” or “darkie.” Then I’m always hearing about how don’t like us, especially the lighter skin men. The only person I know my shade who perpetrated that ignorance was my dad and I always ignored him when he “You lightskin. White people like you.” I hope he did like I asked and killed himself this Father’s Day. 

So my question is what’s up with darkskin people? Is it some type of inferiority complex? Are y’all insecure? Then when you call them on their shit they like to say “calm down. It’s a joke.” Fuck your jokes! Punk ass sense of humor! Then also today I saw a girl on Twitter say it’s no more “bye Felicia. It’s now bye Ayesha.” The shirt was in the Cavaliers colors. The girl stated how much she wanted the shirt. I couldn’t help but notice she was darkskin. 

UPDATE: Today, again, I click on a video of a vlogger who usually does hip hop videos. 5 seconds in he calls Steph Curry a “lightskin bitch.” Yes, the guy is darkskin. I notice these insults primarily come from darkskin males. Gotta be the most insecure people ever. Irony behind it all is we all black. Just different shades. There are a certain group of people who enjoy seeing this sort of division between us. 


2 thoughts on “What’s up with people with darker skin???? Why are they so insecure? 

  1. I’m dark-skinned and I’m not insecure about it, though I was for a bit when I was younger. I was teased about my skin color by both light-skinned Black people and White classmates. As a kid that hurts since no one wants to be seen as different.

    If you search Twitter or Instagram, you will see many comments dragging or denigrating dark-skinned people just for being dark. This battle goes back to slavery and lighter-skinned enslaved people getting preferential treatment from slavemasters. The closer to White you looked, the better you were treated in some cases; that behavior has persisted for decades and still does, though not as much. So, all this is to stay, I don’t think the issue is with dark-skinned people. That’s kind of like blaming Black people for reacting to the racism we experience.

    There are similar colorism issues in Asian communities – particularly the countries colonized by White Europeans. For instance, skin whitening creams are big in Thailand. The issue is with white supremacy – it enforces the idea that having dark skin makes you less than.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I wrote this post as a reaction to constantly hearing stupid rap songs and vloggers refer to Steph Curry as a “lightskin bitch” and also my recent personal experiences (see following post). The only time I heard a lightskin black person say something about skin tone is in retaliation for a darker skin black person bringing it up in the first place. I agree we are all still black but I’m just sick of this insecurity and inferiority coming from darkskinned males. I updated this post to narrow it down to them instead of the darkskinned woman.

      When you say classmates, what grade are you talking? Because if it was high school and down you gotta let that pass. Why? Because these kids are brainwashed by the media to thinking darkskin isn’t beauty and evil. Then plus the ignorant parents. I mention my dad. This fool always talking about his skintone and how women love him and how preferential white people will treat him. So listening to that growing up can rub off on you to think you are better cause you are lighter. I hate I use to say “she cute for a darkskin girl.” You really not in possession of your mind as a kid. You adopt other people thoughts. Unfortunately some people remain ignorant. I wouldn’t change being black, no matter the shade. Some people think cause how I act I have a lot of white friends when in reality I don’t and don’t care to have any. What can a white friend do that a black friend can’t?

      I didn’t write this to offend darker skin blacks. I’m just tired of the insecurities being masked with jokes that aren’t funny.


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