Saela…please read this

I tried to send it through Google Hangouts just now. I’m blocked. Not surprised or mad.  So I’m gone leave it here with hopes of you reading it. This is what I wrote. 
“I know I’m one of the last people you wanna hear from but I’m at a point where I just have to say something cause I can’t stop thinking about you on and off, see people that resemble you, think about you if someone mentions Dallas. I don’t care if you don’t answer this message but i hope you read it at least. I just want you to know you’re still on my mind and I hope your Spring semester is going well, your career is moving up, your plans to go back to Texas looking bright, your pending mothership is looking like a reality, and most importantly i hope you’re doing great health wise. I really regret messing up what could have been a dope friendship. Peace.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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