Before the fire!

That scary moment when you laying in bed writing (posting on main blog later today) and the alarm goes off. Poke your head out the door to see hallway of smoke. Your indecision kicks in. What am I gone take? Of course, me! But what material possessions? I grabbed $60, my phone and my taser (kind of obsessed with it). 

I called 911. Been so long I did so. Back then you didn’t have to hear an automated system 3 times before speaking to a live person. Can you believe out of probably a thousand residents no one called for help. The operator said I was the first. 

So I’m finishing up my post on my phone whil the fire department make their money. 

Soon as I got back up, I listened to my police scanner. Suffice to say it was too late. I wanted to hear my message being dispatched. 


Dammit! I should’ve did what that Asian guy did and took pics. Now this post is lame. 

But not lame when you consider the title is the name of a Santigold song I’m in love with. 

Yeahhhh, I just copped it off Amazon. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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