WordPress After Dark: Girls who nickname themselves after wet substances smh 

So a (ex) friend asked me to download this app cause she wanted to compete with me. When I registered and got the notification she challenged me, her username threw me off: Aquafina???? I never brought it up but was curious to that name choice. She could have named herself ANYTHING but she chose that.  My experience with girls naming themselves after wet substances like that, Niagara Falls, Cierra Springs, Sea Biscuit, Great Lakes, etc has always been sexual. I’m dying to ask her about this but I’m trying to wait until the subject steers to that topic again. This has been bothering for some time. 

Seriously, WordPress, what other reason would a girl name herself Aquafina???? Please explain!!!! 

#BlogWar3 coming!!! Get ready to cry and get the popo’s on me like you did last time!!!😖😰🏥🚑 🚓🚨


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