WordPress After Dark: Fuck Huey P Newton

If you didn’t know, I’m a big battle rap fan and have a desire to know more about my black history, so it was only right my new favorite up and coming battle rapper is B. Dot. I read Huey P. Newton whole Wikipedia and was so disgusted with the Allegations of Violence section. This man killed a 18 year old girl named Kathleen Smith. And guess why? The idiot killed her for calling him his childhood nickname …. BABY!!! It could have been 2 but the other person just ended up being assaulted for calling him “baby.” He never got convicted because the witness testimony folded. Read more here 

It’s just weird how people praise people like Huey P Newton without knowing the skeletons in their closet. In this case I mean this literally. I also find it crazy how people be like “free so and so” when they guilty of robbery, killing, selling drugs, raping, etc. I guess the crime have to hit close home for them to stop shouting this shit. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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