Top 3 problems this warehouse job has caused 

I started working at a warehouse last Thursday. Temporary thing, but it has caused major frustrations.

  1. I lost $6
  2. Missing hours for the 23rd
  3. But the most important one is my right ear. I’m having pain and at times hearing out of it. I don’t know what happened. It’s a mystery. I hate unexplainable things. I know it’s from the warehouse because my ears was fine before I started working there. I didn’t hit my head, and it really wasn’t loud in the building. Just the constant annoying clicking and beeping of RF Scan guns. I haven’t worked since Saturday and here it is Wednesday night and I’m still having ear pains. I haven’t experienced anything like this since I was at a club for the first time and my ears was ringing afterwards. It feels like something is stuck in my ear. And I have been doing stupid stuff like listening to music at max volume with my headphones in. I’m hoping Thursday this goes away or I’m gone have to see a Doctor. I really don’t know what happen to me 😟

What Are Your Thoughts?

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