WordPress After Dark: He slept with my girlfriend but he didn’t rape her

That person that is bragging about sleeping with their rival’s partner is NOT bragging about rape. So before you carve your enemy’s name into every bullet, make sure you have a knife, also, for your partner, so they can die a slow and agonizing death. Realize that person that is bragging about sleeping with your partner is bragging about CONSENUAL sex. Not rape. If it was, then you can be mad, but it wasn’t, unless that person is stupid enough to brag about a crime. 

I hear more men brag about this than women. And this is something that always bothered me about girls: They seem so vulnerable when it comes to mere words. The saying is men are vulnerable to the visual and women are vulnerable to seductive language (think poetry).  If a man says he slept with my woman I want it to be by force and not because she was weak enough to let the right combination of words to cause her to commit adultery. 

And I’m only referring to couples that are still together. Not people who have moved on, because I see people try to brag about sleeping with someone’s ex. Like WTF. 

Have you noticed how men put more effort in going after a woman that’s taken than a single one? I know there are some women who do it too, but I mostly hear it this way. I spoke on the homosexuality undertone of this in an earlier post. And your girl/guy they slept with must wanted revenge on you too if they can’t realize the only reason they’re being courted is because of YOU, and not them. 

I will never be friends with a guy like that or be with a girl like that. 


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