If this post gets 10 “likes” in one hour, I will break up with my girlfriend

This is my bullshit blog. When I wanna get for reals I post on FY. And I’m 4 serious about something. Y’all remember my infamous Boyfriend Breaks Up With Girlfriend After She Blogs About Missing Him? Well, if this post gets 10 “likes” in one hour, somebody is about to get their heart broken. I will post it on my main blog. If you’re not already following that, click on the link in the menu. This also marks the return of Future News since March 15, 2015.

 Y’all “likes” means more to me than my relationship. WordPress is my life. I know 10 “likes” is possible because I’m still getting “likes” on posts I wrote on here 2-3 days ago. Same with my last post on FY, which is at 23 now. 

If I don’t get what I want then 2 things gone happen. Y’all gone have to wait until tomorrow morning to read this awesome ass post and I’m forced to stay with her, which means yucky sex tonight. Ewwww. 

I’m only using a handful of tags so in depending on my 100 subscribers!!!! Don’t let me down, WordPress!!!!

UPDATE: Because of only two “likes” I scheduled the post for 7:30AM on my main blog. 


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