On the 15th I broke my record for most “likes” in one day (21). On the 16th I broke my record for most views in one day (111). Today I met another milestone in the revival of this blog. Yashna just became my 100th follower. How you like that? Something special for 3 days in a row. Only reason I didn’t link to your blog, Yashna, is because when I clicked on it, it said you deleted the site. May wanna update that 😊

I still encourage anyone following this blog that’s not following my main one to do so. I just posted my third entry into my WordPressident series and would love to get the feedback I do on here on there. 

UPDATE: Yasha updated her blog. Check the comments or click the link. 


29 thoughts on “100 Followers

  1. I’ll update that ASAP. But, before that, let me tell you, that I love your posts. They’re amazing. For the past four hours I’m on my bed reading your blog. I’m so happy that I’m your 100th follower. 😘

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      1. You have me too. Could you go into your settings and update your profile? Still showing that old blog next to your name. Regardless I just updated this post and followed your other blog by copying and pasting.

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