WordPress After Dark: That moment you realize a friend will stay a friend

So it’s this girl I met in Atlanta. We have been cool for nearly 2 years. I value her friendship. She has always been there for me when I needed to talk (especially when I had issues with other girls). She always talks to me about potential beaus. It’s platonic. And I love it. But of course we flirt and entertained the idea of being together. And our spirits are both good. She know what I been through so I have comfidence she won’t go there. I also know her expectations of life and a potential mate. The only thing she was I didn’t want in a mate is she wants to do traditional stuff. She is in nursing. When an older nurse friend of hers died she talked to me about being a entrepreneur in the health industry. And if you know me THAT TYPE OF STUFF TURNS ME ON.  I really started liking her but then something happened. I don’t remember what it is but it made me feel like an outcast and I started telling her I feel like a alien. And she took it very literal as if I was going crazy and being weird. And that’s when I knew despite all the time we been together she doesn’t know me or get me. That’s when I told her we really are friends and can’t be more because she took that alien shit so to the T. Yeah I am crazy. Yeah I am weird. And she can’t be weird and crazy with me. She is black and white. I’m colorful. 

This same scenerio happened recently with me being attracted to someone then as I got to know them the more I realized how unhappy I would be if we was ever “more.” 

I guess I gotta accept it and move on. 

Have you been physically attracted to a person and wanted something serious with them but backed off as you found out stuff about their personality that was deal breakers?


What Are Your Thoughts?

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