WordPress After Dark: Am I mentally cheating on my soon to be bride by thinking this? Please help me!!!

I get married in a few hours. All I can think about is the priest saying, “If anyone objects to this marriage, let them speak now or forever hold their peace,” and my best female friend standing up and saying “I do” before me and my bride get a chance to say it. Am I already guilty of infidelity by hoping she actually does this? The crazy part is we joked about this years ago in a conversation, that we would attend each other marriages and object to it. 

I’m so confused. WordPress please me! 


16 thoughts on “WordPress After Dark: Am I mentally cheating on my soon to be bride by thinking this? Please help me!!!

  1. No. Your realizing that your window of opportunity to explore a relationship with your friend is closing and your wondering what if’s. Ask yourself why do I want to marry this person? Would I want to be with this person when we’re both old & wrinkled? Do I love the person enough to sacrifice my wants if needed? Would I feed her, bath her, dress her, clean her if she was incapacitated? Do I enjoy her company? Am I still attracted to her even when she looks her worst and angers me? If you answered no to any of this. Then stop & let the friend know you would like to pursue a romantic relationship with her. It is better to speak up now than to live miserable with regret.

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      1. No. I took a break. Had to take care of my dying mum and now I’m working on a multitude of projects. I want to launch my own lingerie line but I’m starting with ladieswear & linen just to establish a brand first. I’ll be creating a new blog to with regard to that. In the mean time I random blog about everyday life issues we all struggle with from day to day. How did it go with your wedding?

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      2. Well this is my BS blog. Nothing I write here takes much effort or has polish to it. This is my second blog. My main blog where I actually put time into is in the menu. I have been surprised by the interaction I have been receiving on here though so it is successful in its own right. Especially after it for the first time beat my main one in views yesterday.

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