WordPress After Dark: The truth behind women without kids dating men with them 

This idea came to me when I saw a portrait of my female cousin with her boyfriend and his 3 kids. I always believed like attracted like, meaning people without kids preferred potential mates to by the same. I always heard “If they’re gonna have ’em, can’t be more than one.” I’m like that too. I explained this in Week 3 of my YouTube series. But let me get back to this idea. This won’t be articulated to the best of my ability. It’s more so to get the concept out there. I may explore it in depth later. 

A childless woman dating a single father is a premeditated maneuver on her part. She knows if she was to be in a serious relationship with a man like her, one critical thing will happen. Safe. Not just sex but unprotected sex. What will that bring into the world? Children. Children, she either doesn’t want at all, or children she isn’t sure about having with him. So, in essence, a childless woman is using the man’s ready made family as a shield to protect herself. She knows a man who is struggling with multiple kids doesn’t want another one. She knows a man who knows the consequences of having sex doesn’t want to do it as often as a man without children. Think about it. In this case, the female has already envisioned the end of the relationship. Besides the usual feelings of a breakup, regardless if kids are involved or not, the childless woman can completely severe ties with the single father. Only thing she would have to worry about is if the children became attached to her. But if their mother is still in their lives this will not be too big of an issue. The woman leaves a relationship like this the same way she came in: without kids and her figure intact. 

As a test, if there are any single fathers that are in this situation, here’s your homework: Tell your girl you want to have a baby with her and mentally record her reactions. Verbal and non-verbal cues. I bet she uses the kids you already have as a shield. 

Think about it. 


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