500 “Likes” and my top commenter

Just got a notification from Wordpresident that I received 500 “likes” after the Anti Ramen blogger “liked” my most recent post. I doubt that person actually reads what I write. But I do want to highlight someone who does. She is my top commenter with 60 “hmm.” She has a name. Her name is Saela. I never heard it pronounced. I guess it’s like saying sailor. You see that’s funny because she curses like one. Creatively though. 

With 132 posts, 500 “likes,” approaching 100 subscribers, and finally building rapport with a blogger who I been knowing for years makes this blog a success in its own right. I still don’t think it’s competing with my main blog in no aspects. Especially creatively. But with me deleting my Twitter account I needed a place it feels good to have a place where I can write without worrying about if it fits my blog theme. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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