Watching Empire for first time … And I’m mad

My timing is crazy. I didn’t know the second season started this Wednesday. After months of avoiding it I finally decide to give it a chance since I was on a app downloading spree. It started with the NBC app. I was blown away at the idea of watching TV on my iPhone. Like full episodes. Commercials included. Ugh.  Then I wanted the ABC. Then Fox. I saw Empire and decided to get a glimpse of what people were talking about. Soon as it comes on I was confronted with why I didn’t want to watch it in the first place. I hate how Lee Daniels is forcing his childhood on viewers and his current lifestyle on folks. Like we’re responsible for it and need to accept it. I almost turned it off at the gay scene. I’m actually on the 4th episode and can’t believe I’m this far. Every episode had one scene in it that made me say “fuck it.” It’s not keeping me in tune because of the acting or because it’s so good (it’s aight). I’m mainly interested in the show from a writing perspective. Paying attention to characters and their development. How Danny Strong is building the story. I know he based the show on King Lear, I think. 

I almost even turned it off at the bi-polar brother getting head from his girl while she was wearing a baby bib. WTF. I also don’t like how they’re treating Gabourey Sidibe (who I think is adorable). Soon as the show come on you have her trying to tell Luscious stuff and him walking ahead of her. I honestly think the directors did that as an inside joke about her weight. Look at how she was trying to keep up when Luscious wasn’t even walking fast. Then another scene that pissed me off was when she was in his restroom. When she came out he started throwing candy at her. WTF. REALLY?! Would that have happened to that skinny lightskin bitch????!!! I don’t like that shit. Made me feel like they’re treating her as an animal or demeaning her. I am happy she is in a successful show and getting more spotlight but I seriously had to calm myself down seeing this shit. 

And am I the only person who thought Cookie’s assistant was a dude? Something just seem so off. Don’t seem like a natural female. It’s the not the ratchetness that’s throwing me off. Just seem weird.  Pay attention to the first scene where the character was introduced and how they were introduced. The gay brother was in bed and then they come up. Look at the facial expression on Jamal’s face. It’s like he knew that was a man. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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