I got fired for eating pizza

When I got off Saturday I was standing outside waiting for my ride. As I was waiting, a Papa John’s delivery driver pulled up. I see 30 pizza boxes being carried inside the building. I followed right behind. I got me a napkin like everybody else and stood in line. I work here too. Everybody was looking at me funny. I noticed everybody in the line was from a certain department. Even the manager was looking at me odd. I don’t know why. I WORK HERE TOO! No one said anything. Just unusual looks. I got me 2 pizzas. Then another 3. Then another 2. My damn ride still haven’t arrived. Got me another 2. Basically a whole pizza box. I love me some Papa John’s. When lunch was over everybody went back to work. I was off. I stayed in the break room eating pizza, drinking drinks, talking on my cellphone. The manager was still in there. I felt his eyes on me but every time I looked up he looked somewhere else. I think he was trying to figure out my name like “Who are you? Who are you?” I just started working there and had my name badge in my pocket. Because of this, I think he thought I was some bum off the street. I had to be some courageous bum to walk into someone’s company and eat other people’s food. The warehouse was in the middle of nowhere. 

 My phone ringed. My ride was outside. 

So last night the people at the temp service told me not to come in Monday morning. I asked why. They said the people at the job didn’t want me there. She wouldn’t explicitly say why. It had to be the pizza situation. What else could it be? 

Should I sue? 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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