WordPress After Dark: Why are men so fascinated about having sex with another man’s girl? 

This is so prevalent in Hip Hop. Even in R & B. Hell, isn’t Trey Song’s nickname “Mr. I Take Your Girl?” The whole cheating and infidelity thing. One day I’m gone do some research and really put some stats on this. It won’t be hard because it’s in damn near every song I hear from a male singer or rapper. Whenever I hear a woman sing like Janelle or Chrissette they’re always talking about heartbreak or being in love. Never I’m going to take some other R & B chick’s dude. 

But have you ever noticed man’s strange obsession with wanting to be with a woman that’s already taken. Married or girlfriends or booed up? Have you ever noticed how much attention they give them compared to the women that are single? Have you ever noticed whenever they talk about having sex with the girl they always say it like this: “I wanna smash Davonne’s wifey.” Think about this now. They don’t individualize her. They always use her man’s name as the adjective. Now let’s go further. Whenever they’re having sex with a woman, whether she is single or cheating, have you noticed how insecure men are when it comes to the other men she has been with or the one she is currently with (cheating)? The man can have a 100 inch penis and still be asking insecure ass questions disguised as dirty talk like,”Am I better than that other nigga? Tell me you feel it in your stomach. Tell me I’m the best you had.” Why does these things boost these dudes confidence so much??? All of this is comparing oneself. Really think about this, WordPress. Like think deep. Watch any porn video ESPECIALLY THE AMATEUR ONES and you see what I mean. Pay attention to the little off things people say. Pay attention to these fools. I literally just got finished watching a porno and the dude said, “I hope your baby daddy call back again so I can cum while you on the phone with him?” Why would you be more turned on about being with another man’s girl than a woman who is single? Funny part is if that same woman was single you probably wouldn’t be as turned on. 

Check this out. It’s this girl who I like, as in I would like to build something. But guess what she will never know this. Know why? Cause she is in a relationship. I don’t know her man but I respect him. I never flirted with his girl. I don’t have no fantasy about being with another man’s girl. Know why I don’t want her to cheat with me? Because if we ended up together she will eventually do the same with me. Fuck words. Pay attention to actions. I rather lose her to her being in a successful relationship. Marriage and kids and stuff. Then interfere in their relationship. I rather let their relationship run its natural course. Whether that be a breakup or they sail off to the moon. Now regarding the former, that will present a opportunity but what I’m saying is I won’t be responsible for their breakup. Follow me? Cause I wouldn’t want another man to try to interfere in mines or I wouldn’t want a girl who would cheat on first place. 

Now I’m about to summarize this post in one sentence and I won’t elaborate but it is going to be shocking but there is something to it. This is more so for the women and also the guys who want to stop doing this. Ready? Here it comes…

The men who are obsessed with fucking another man’s wife/girl are displaying homosexual undertones. 

Think about it. 


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