Burning Bulb #1: Classy Women on Social Media

For the longest I’ve been thinking about what to do with this idea. Okay, I came up with an idea probably a year or 2 ago to reward classy women on the big social networks with some type of recognition. It was inspired from being tired of seeing nothing ass girls get internet fame (views and followers) because of the photos or videos they post. So I wanted to create like a blog post series highlighting girls who are not only beautiful on the outside but smart on the inside and cared too much about their image to expose themselves to the world. These women were on the Instagrams, Facebooks, the Twitters, and their follower count was lackluster compared to their scantily clad counterpart. 

One of the reasons why I always stalled on the idea was I only knew one girl like this. Then also I don’t have the all these accounts. I deleted my Twitter two months ago. Never really had a Facebook. I’m only on here and YouTube. So I don’t know who these girls are unless I meet them through the platforms I’m on then checking them out elsewhere. But if I was to do that it really can’t be a series like I want. It would be like 3 blog posts of I depended on that way of finding them. Then also it doesn’t make sense because I don’t have a big enough platform myself to promote them over the other girls. 

I envisioned the posts to highlight the websites the girls were on. Like showing the avatar they use on the sites. Showing their 10 most recent posts. Then doing a interview with them on why they choose to do what they do online and get their feedback on what the other girls. 

Maybe soon I can do something with it. Don’t steal my idea! 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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