To Karen From Shade But No Shade

I’m only writing this because I saw you “liked” my 9/11 post. I wish I wrote it as soon as I saw that. Hopefully, you see this because I’m not going to link to you. You usually post on Sunday nights. 

Unlike last time I’m not going to write a clever post to disguise my frustrations with you. Just gone put it in plain Jane. Seeing your mug again (your gravatar) when you “liked” my post reminded me of who you are. Someone who I don’t want to be reminded me of. So much in fact, seeing your name, your new posts in my email and reader, and your gravatar frustrated me so much I had to unfollow you, which was done almost a month ago. So I’m sure this is news to you. With 100’s of followers and more subscribing it’s difficult to keep track of them all, so I’m assuming that’s why you haven’t retaliated with your own unfollowing, which you need to do. On here and on FY. 

Why am I doing this? The email situation, Karen. I know you laughed at my blog war post but it was serious. When you told me about your boyfriend situation and being kicked out I wanted to help. With me frustrated at things in my own life I tried to involve you in a creative endeavor. It’s not like I was trying to force it on you. You were on the verge of being homeless. The only thing I could do was leverage the Internet and its world of possibilities. I tried to involve you in a partnership, a collaboration, a union. You are creative. I am creative. Let’s make money together and escape our current situations. But you never got back to me when it was your idea for me to email you in the first place. When it comes to owning a business and talking business, I am dead serious and when people fuck it up I take it VERY personal. That’s who I am! I damn sure wasn’t trying to flirt with you. I wanted to do something big online mixing out brains together. It pisses me off even further when I think about I stopped engaging with you at the top of the year and you came back in my life commenting on my other blog. Which means this doesn’t even suppose to be happening, right? But when you came back and I learned more about you, you a Gemini, you like to draw, etc I got excited and thought maybe we can write a post together, a book, do a YouTube channel, whatever. 

Anyway, the gist is I take matters of business and potential financial success very serious and by you never emailing me back pissed me off (and obviously seeing you write numerous posts during that time pissed me off even more). So yeah unfollow me on both blogs, unlike everything you liked. I don’t know whether or not I should delete all your comments on FY or what. Because as of right now you are in my top 5 commenters and responsible for the most commented post. 

Seeing your gravatar again reminded me of how much I hate YOU! 

It will happen with or without the people I tried to include. It just will happen at a slower rate. 

Thanks! 🐻✈️


2 thoughts on “To Karen From Shade But No Shade

  1. Whoa that is serious….I actually don’t notice because I am not really online like that. But I told you in the emails, I am not a great email person. I know what you was trying to do I just didn’t get how if we aren’t in the same area to be business partners and stuff. As a Gemini you know we need specifics. Unfollowing though? I guess that’s your choice.


    1. Yep because I was genuinely frustrated with you. And seeing your gravatar and new posts in my email was further frustrating me so unfollowing was the only thing I could do. Yes I recall your reasons. It’s not about that. Even when you did say I could email you I wasn’t feeling it. I just wanted to get my revenge by being successful with the same idea I came to you with and rubbing it in your face later.

      I’m over it now though. But the only reason that is, is because I didn’t have to be reminded of it by seeing your name and pic.


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