It’s not the kids. It’s their mother.

So I just watched a few segments of the infamous “You are NOT the father” from The Maury Show. All I can say is “damn I’m happy I don’t have kids.” It’s not the kids I’m afraid of. It’s the mother. I hope the head below the belt never outsmarts the head above the belt and have a few minutes affect the remaining years of my life. The stuff I see these men go through is not for me. I feel the men deserve it because they put themselves in them situations. Both parties did. If neither was raped or forced to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol they have to take responsibility for their actions. It just amazes me how emotional and powerful sex is. Napoleon Hill was right.  

And you know what’s even more startling? I believe people, especially the women in them situations love the drama low-key. They want something to fuss about, something to write about, something to tell their friends. It’s more juicy than positive stuff. Don’t take me word for. It. Just look on WordPress. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve read about the bad parts of someone’s relationships. I remember me talking off WordPress with a girl I met on here. 90% of her conversation was about how inattentive her boyfriend was. I couldn’t see me having a girl and she was doing that to me. Shit makes me cringe. That’s why it’s so important to ask key questions before you get to know someone and preferably in person so you can look in their eyes. 


14 thoughts on “It’s not the kids. It’s their mother.

    1. Upon further research, I found out why women go on that show for DNA tests. I read those tests are like $600. The Maury Show pays that for them. So it’s like they get to save money plus get their 15 minutes of fame.

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      1. I understand…what I don’t understand is that these are the same fools that are so quick to call whites racist, but check every box when it comes to fitting the stereotype. damn shame. nice post, btw.


      2. You are right about those stereotypes. I was inspired to write this post after watching YouTube clips. To me, it’s just entertainment and I also feel like it’s scripted. Maybe it’s real? Maybe it’s fake? I don’t know. I just know that’s my worse fear, to have a child by the wrong woman. Thanks.

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      3. Umm…it’s on TV. So you think all you see is on TV? It’s obviously scripted. Anyone with common sense can see that. Have you noticed the audience always cheer for the women when they come out and boo the man when he comes out? Or what about the fact the woman always run to the back when Maury says, “You are NOT the father.” Those probably are real couples but it’s still exaggerated.


      4. the show is exaggerated, but the problem is that it portrays real life. i’m not naïve enough to believe even 25% of the stuff on TV, but what i’m concerned with is how it makes blacks out to be clowns. same problem I have with Love and Hip Hop. same problem I have with any show similar to those.


      5. I actually don’t watch that show. Heard of it. I don’t own a TV. While people are on there too. Just stop supporting those shows. Unless you have some type of power to destroy them it’s really counterproductive to complain. Just balance it out with your own work in the community.

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