Going to bed mad

Before I officially went to bed I wanted to check out some rap battles. It’s been a few weeks since I been on the QOTR channel. As I’m reading the comments I see this guy called this girl commenter “gorgeous.” Out of curiosity I clicked on her name and she had 289 subscribers WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS. THE ONLY THING SHE HAS ON HER CHANNEL IS HER FACE PICTURE. YOI CAN SEE HER LOWER HALF IN THE PHOTO AS HELL. I clicked on that guy’s name and he had 2 subscribers with a 10 minute video up with 4 views on it; been posted a month. I’m not mad for him. I’m mad for ME! You mean to tell me if swapped my band-aid balloon icon for some pretty face girl I will get more ducking subscribers?!?! FUCK Y’ALL. I’m gone put some girl pics as the thumbnails for all 12 of my videos. I guarantee you most of the people that subscribed to her channel were men or lesbians. 

I gotta step my marketing way up! 


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