First and Second

Remember my last post about the blogger I unfollowed because of her sexuality? Well, we are so like BFF’s now and shopping for friendship bracelets on Amazon. We started over. We have been emailing throughout the day. I just read her follow up post about my comment. It pained me to see how it affected her. Now I didn’t write anything malicious. I was just open and honest with my feedback regarding the post and said it resulted in me unfollowing her. Looking back I should have kept quiet. I was being unfair judging her off of one post. I know everything I write isn’t agreeable either. Especially here (I’m so loose ok this blog).  So how can I judge her off a post I half-read? Smh. I followed her in the first place because I liked the titles I saw (yeah I don’t follow people just cause they follow me). She said maybe this happened for a reason and offered her friendship and I happily accepted. I feel bad and happy at the same time. 

The second blogger.  So.  It’s this girl who I have been following for quite a while. Probably over a year, I say. She just wrote a post about feminism that made me fall in love with her. Now this is all kinds of crazy because anytime I see a feminist type post I press the back button quick. I hate being blamed for something just because I’m the same gender as the person who did it. As if.  But this was from someone I was familiar with, so I had a open mind. And it turned out to make my post. It’s the best post I read from her since I followed her blog. Then seeing her picture holding a white chalkboard saying, “Being a woman means pushing through double standards.” The shy smile. The glasses. The innocence. Then the icing on the cake is when she mentioned a movie with a strong female lead … LUCY!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

I’m not linking to neither of them because this blog is bullshit and I rather officially shout them out in my next offices post on FY, which should come soon. 

All of this is bittersweet since we live far apart. But things like this is what makes me love WordPress 


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