Am I a bad blogger for this? Unfollowing bloggers because of their sexuality. 

A blogger followed me earlier today on my main blog and I followed back. I haven’t published anything in 2 weeks there so I would like to know how she found me so I can be aware of the discovery of my site. Now I have to elaborate a little on me following back. I have 70 subscribers here and 850 on my main blog. I’m not following everyone back. Main reason is because I know people only subscribe to get a subscriber back. It’s not gone work over here. I really wish I could unsubscribe about 90% of the people who follow my blogs because those numbers never add up to when I publish posts. I follow 98 blogs. 

Anyway, back to this blogger. I admit her gravatar caught my eye. She was black. I kind of like black people. I skimmed the headlines of her post. I liked them. That’s when I followed back. I did put some effort into following back because I couldn’t just do so by clicking her name like usual. I had to actually log in outside the app. Okay, she publishes her first post since I subscribed titled Smutty Sunday’s: Lesbian Sex. I read the preview of the post in my email and couldn’t take no more. I went on the app and commented “What did I get myself into?” She said something along the lines this is a weekly series about sex she decided to do based on a past post that did well SEO wise. I could relate seeing as my most viewed post is on masturabation. I didn’t read her whole post but what I did read made me unfollow. 

Long story shot. I was disappointed she was a lesbian. 

Am i bad blogger for this? 


23 thoughts on “Am I a bad blogger for this? Unfollowing bloggers because of their sexuality. 

  1. Nope, you’re not. I can imagine I would have unfollowed as well. I’ve unfollowed folks for not having good vibes about comments or photos they’ve posted before, when it comes to other social websites like Fb but never here yet. But then again, I usually check someone out before following at all lol. We all have our preferences, and that also applies to what we choose to have pop up on our feeds as well. What you did shouldn’t be taken too personally, It’s all good 👍

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    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      Could you elaborate on what you mean by unfollowing people about comments and photos they posted? I’m somewhat confused.

      Well she did actually take it personally. She said it inspired a future post. That it hit her hard and made her emotional. Reading what she said made me sad and I think I’m being unfair. I know everything I write, especially on here, this being my throwaway blog, people won’t agree with. I’m probably going to re-follow and just look over the stuff I don’t prefer. Because I followed her in the first place because when I scanned her material I liked it. I judged her off of one paragraph. I didn’t even read the whole thing. I just turned off by what I read.

      And I’m curious about you. You said you usually check out people before you follow them. What is it about what you seen here that made you click the follow button? Because honestly I hate this blog 😂. I would recommend my primary one. 👌🏿


      1. Ok sure! Like for instance, i will follow someone on facebook who I really dont have a problem with. Later down the line though, i see posts on my feed that might disturb me- as in a very sexually provocative photo or comments that are vulgar, hateful and demeaning. I have unfollowed folks for these reasons. I know on facebook, if the person is on your friendslist, you have the option of unfollowing them without unfriending them. This eliminates their posts showing up anywhere on your feeds at all, and they have no idea…which i found out is good for some situations lol. Here on wordpress that is not the case though, as this IS a blogging platform.

        Its a shame she took an unfollow so personally… As readers will come and go all the time. Some are actually interested, some are not… If you want to blog for a business and not just a hobby, its imperative to have tough skin.

        I have for a while seen your posts show up on freshly pressed. In fact This article popped up today. I honestly felt i wanted to write a comment, and in using the app, i had to log on and follow you finally to do that. Its a good blog you have, in my opinion!

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      2. Thank you so much for taking time out to write this comment. I don’t have a Facebook account so this is all new to me. I didn’t know it was a difference between following and friending. One of my most views post on my main blog is about masturbation. And it’s. It even about masturbation per say. Do you know how much I hate this? I mean, I have so many creative stories that I feel like deserve that top spot. I’m so fed up with it that I refrain from making any sexual references in my post. Only time I will do so is if my pen takes me there in the writing process. I have this story I been working on in my head for months but I don’t want to post it because I want to change the sexual reference about it. And it’s not nothing vulgar. I do these roleplay posts. I want to write about how I been living in my apartment for Almost 4 years and never bought curtains. I have blinds. It’s this building across the street where fire trucks and ambulances always pull up to. So I was gone roleplay as a girl in the post and end it with what made me finally decide to buy curtains. But I don’t want to write it because it’s indirectly about body parts.

        I’m going to follow you back right now. I’m telling you this blog right here sucks and is so stream of conscious it’s not funny. My main blog is where I actually put effort into my writing. But it’s totally up to you. Following you right now. Appreciate the comment Miss TG 🎈🎊💃🏿


      3. Its Does it not show with the right address? But i did not delete it lol….I just clicked only myself and its there lol. Thanks for trying, i suppose. 😉


      4. I swear I’m not making this up. I am on the app. Usually the follow button is right next to their name. You don’t have your settings right. I actually had to log in to try to follow you. This is exactly what it says “”. From what you wrote it needs an L.


      5. Im on the iphone app right now. I downloaded it Mainly for my main blog which is not attached to
        This account. But the freshly pressed feeds still show and entice me to log in lol. Anyhow, that is sooo weird that the L does not show. Ill log on the pc to see a bit later if there is an issue. And what is your main blog,is be interested
        To check it out since you’ve brought it up. I cant seem to look on anyone’s profiles using this?


      6. You found it. I just got the notification. That’s it. I’m on the iPhone app too. Yeah I don’t know where to look at profiles either. Is this your main blog?


      7. Nope. My main one is not self hosted on wordpress, so no way to follow it here. I havent blogged on here in quite a while, but ill soom get back on it. I find myself spending my time reading other people’s blogs instead lol


      8. You’re self hosted? Oh oh look at you! What is your main one about? I thought you could follow it from here since it’s still WordPress. Do you know how to take a screenshot on iPhone?


      9. Yes lol. Thats what i meant to say. I’m going to key a bit slower because between the errors and auto correct, my replies are getting sloppy lol. My main blog I started a few months back. Its a lifestyle blog, and mainly about the city I live in. I haven’t even started really promoting it yet, as i’m still working on how I want it to look. I thought i could follow it from here as well, but i have not found an easy way, though – I did read that i could move my domain to this website, which i did not want to do. And yes, i can take screenshots!

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      10. Well you are still part of the WordPress family if you don’t move it. Well don’t just be a reader. I will check out your old posts when I have more time. Right now I’m about to study.

        Oh no I meant I wanted to take screenshots to show you how your domain looked without the L in it


      11. Lol okay. Screenshots are taken by hitting the middle round menu button and your power button at the same time. But i believe you! Thats unnecessary. Have a great evening!


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