The girl across the hall …

… I believe is trying to be noticed by me. Just 10 minutes ago I left my apartment to go pick up something from grandma. While I was at her truck I notice this girl (It was dark so I couldn’t make out who it was but even with light I wouldn’t have recognized her because I never looked at her in the face) standing outside the the pool gate staring at its swimmers. Now soon as I’m done with my grandma I head to the door. I was in front. My building have 2 sets of doors you have to go through to get in the lobby. Once I opened the second door I notice from peripheral she is right behind. I try to close the behind me to slow her down because I didn’t want whoever it was riding the elevator with me. I’m not a gentleman like that. But she made it through. I looked straight ahead. We live on the same floor. I let her walk ahead. 

Now this is not me being egotistical. You know, how guys or just people in general think someone is deliberately doing something to be noticed by another person when it could be a coincidence. This situation could be but I doubt it because it played out too perfect. Her leaving her apartment after I did. Her standing there while I was at my grandma’s truck. Then coming back in the building same time riding the elevator with me knowing we stay on same floor. I wish I pressed another floor number to mess with her head.  I really don’t believe in coincidences. This is just like the time this guy did a similar thing. I was at the truck with my grandma. I observe this guy head to the entrance then stop and turn around and start smoking a cigarette. I was at the truck with her a good 10 minutes. Soon as I head towards the entrance he does. When I pick up on that I slow my pace. Remember the 2 sets of double doors? I let him go through them. I’m on the OUTSIDE pretending to check my bags. This fool is in the elevator holding door for me. I mean, he is in FRONT of the elevator door. Now I’m in the lobby and he ask,”You going up?” I say I’m good. I wish I said I’m EXTRA good. This fool wanted me to be on the elevator with him! I wish I could get moments like that because I should have said more than “I’m good.” I’m the confrontational type and will call you on your shit. Stranger or friend. 

But this girl is the same girl I was talking about who knocked on my door asking about her UPS package. You can tell when a girl is trying to impress you by looking at body language. In the middle of her speech she turns around as if to say,”I got a ass, nigga.”

She got the door slammed in her face! Oww! 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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