The longest 10 minutes of my life

Yet another post I wanted to storify for my main blog but isn’t ready yet due to presentation issues. So let me timestamp it. I used up all my data (1Gig) on the day my billing cycle started over. Next day I called customer service and asked where was I in my in my Jump, a T-Mobile product which allows you to switch to a new phone once half the price of your current phone is met and it also serves as phone insurance. I was 30 something dollars away from that. You see, I didn’t have to pay nothing down on my phone but taxes because of fire credit. I asked the phone rep which phones do they have is in the neighborhood of the money I already paid (300-400). A refurbished iPhone caught my ear but I wasn’t ready to switch now. I was just curious of my choices because I’m tired of having slow internet speeds for virtually the whole month. I could just get it but I don’t wanna go over a certain amount. 3gigs is $10 more. I expressed this to the phone rep and as a courtesy for being with T-Mobile for nearly a year he gave me unlimited internet for the rest of my cycle. My cycle just started yesterday so that’s the whole month.

All I had to do was turn my phone off for 10 minutes. Now this is the part I wanted to storify. I wanted to highlight the damn seizure I had when he gave me this good news and how I had to crazy stuff to make time go by faster. Remember that SpongeBob episode where he tried to make 5 minutes go by and he did all these random things at home and only 1 minute passed. Yeah like that.

I hope I do some great things during this cycle. Mainly learning to code again and uploading experimental content to YouTube.

UPDATE: It’s been a week since this plan been in effect and I used 12 gigs on my mobile and 10 gigs of my personal hotspot (you only get 13 but on your phone it’s still unlimited). 


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