So sick of hearing men tell marriage jokes! 

I was at a 3 day business trip. All the presenters mixed their educational material with humor. Most of the male presenters drifted in and out of marriage jokes. Basically the gist of the jokes were “Whatever the wife says go. She is in control. I let my wife handle it. Anybody who is married know what the wife says go.” That stuff. And this wasn’t my first time hearing these kind of “jokes.” You hear them all the time. Neither woman presenter made any reference to their marriage. You seldom hear a woman presenter say,”Whatever my husband says go. He is in charge. He is the man of the house.” When the woman talks about marriage it’s more so jokes involving the kids. At first I was thinking the stuff guys say is really all in fun but noooooo this is reality. I count say so from my own experience but I’m smart enough to know it’s the truth from other guys that went through it. This reminds me of the post I wrote about that Parkersburg episode. Every time I hear a guy crack them jokes about how superior the woman is in marriage I automatically think “what is he scared of? Why is he letting her have her way?” Only thing I can think of is ailomony, her taking the kids, getting majority of what he owns. That has to be it! 

I have worked in environments where I sold stuff. I also noticed when I am pitching to a man he commonly says,”I need my wife here to make a decision.” But I have never heard a married woman say this. How come you can’t make a decision on your own when you are in a relationship??? Even simple decisons. I also think men are worried if they upset their wife or girlfriend she will cheat on them. 

I say this to say I’m so happy I’m single and that I will never get married. And I know I will go far in life because I don’t think with my dick. At first I use to feel sorry when I heard about how women take so much from the guy in marriage but now I just laugh at them because those are the weak men anyway. The ones who whole life is centered around pleasing and living for a woman that’s not into him as he is into her.

 Shit is mad funny b. 


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