Deactivating blog + Taco Bell update

Not pressing a delete or deactivate button; just won’t publish anymore content here. These are bullshit posts. I’ve been drifting on here; I’ve just been using this blog as an outlet for stuff that won’t fit on the main blog. This blog did serve a purpose when it was first created: To promote my new business idea. When I moved on from that this blog gathered dust for years until a few months ago I decided to post old poetry. Then after probably 18 poems the drifting started. I suspect about 10-20 of the 68 subscribers on here are also subscribed to FY. Well I ask the rest of you to go ahead and subscribe as well >>> Main blog

Taco Bell update: Today I received something special in the mail from the fast food chain. In my next post on the main blog I will feature what they sent as the pic, and also detail my first experience in there since the incident maybe in the comment section or in story form. 

I will periodically reschedule this post so current subscribers constantly see this in their reader. 

What’s so crazy is I decided to do this on my 99th post. One shy of a milestone. 

Now watch some idiot blindly follow this blog letting me know they didn’t read shit. Blogger FFTV/Marianne is the first idiot!

P.S. Don’t you just hate being really interested in building rapport with someone then they do something that kill all the interest you had? I’m fickle like that. 


35 thoughts on “Deactivating blog + Taco Bell update

      1. That “But I like this blog” actually made me feel good about my train of thought but do you know how many times (handful) I wrote something on my main blog hoping you comment on it and failed each time? You actually commented on here more than that one. You are my main commenter on here. I wish you was in my top 5 on the other. When I saw you commenting on here I started writing stuff hoping you like it.


      2. Yeah in the past I had contributors but I slowed down on doing that. They all on the contributor page. I mostly was recruiting for the letters before I branch into other writing formats. Damn you the second person that said that recently. Someone else said they don’t know where to click to get to recent posts. I was lost because they’re RIGHT there lol. Well I will keep what you said in mind. So you like this one because of simplicity?

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      3. My thing with this blog is …I’m drifting and talking about random stuff. It was originally for my old poems the. I start using it to write about stuff that was on my mind. And I also feel like this style is not making me a better writer seeing as I am typing whatever comes to mind at the time about the topic I chose. With my main blog I’m actually taking days and weeks to write something. I rather keep it now. It has a reader in you.


      4. …writing at all makes you a better writer…the fact that you can do with this blog what I WISH I still could with mine makes you a better writer, lol.


      5. Lmaoo omg I just looked at my question. You gotta pardon me I am dead sleep over here texting you with one eye open. I’m not UP like you been these last 5 hours. I meant how long you gone be gone? Why the hell I put “fine” at end? Lmao. At first I thought you answered backwards and you meant “forever. Fine?”


      6. That’s even too long! I might as well delete this blog if the main person I interact with on here gone. I know you been here since I was in high school and need your break but surely there has to be something to kill this writing block. What did you think about getting a new blog? If it’s about freedom. I don’t recall if you answered the first time

        And this isn’t about looks. I was discombobulated 😊


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