These damn police are out of control

I was walking to McDonald’s. This cop car pulls up on the side of me. 

Officer: Do you have a light?

Me: Ellipsis dots

Officer: Aye bruh, got a light?

Me: More Ellipsis dots

Officer: Aight, bruh, you can go ahead. 

Besides the initial glance to make sure he was really talking to me and really asking me this, I ignored the shit out of him! I’m walking. You driving. Shouldn’t you be asking some STORE CLERK this??? Then what if I said “yeah I do, bruh bruh,” I bet the next question would’ve been “What do you need this light for? Your crack pipe? You’re under arrest!” GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! I’m not your bruh! My momma and daddy didn’t make you! And what you mean “you can go ahead”? You wasn’t stopping nothing! I was still walking. You had to keep tapping the gas pedal to keep up. You wasn’t no barrier to my Hot & Spicy! 

I didn’t have my phone on me during this situation. I left it home. How I wish I didn’t. I would have pulled it out and recorded him like breaking news. Although, it’s not everyday this scenario happens, I vow to always bring my phone with me when I go out in public, no matter if I’m going around the corner or if my phone on 10%. It’s these little situations that have the potential to become big. Big as in me losing my freedom or life. It was just me and that cop there. He had so many tools at his disposal. Had he tried to pull some more random shit and caused me to run it would have looked like I was the one in the wrong and the sheeple that witnessed the scene once I made it to population would have believed his authority over my innocence. Obviously he wasn’t wearing a body camera to be asking a walking civilian such stupid questions. 

I was deeply affected by the Sandra Bland tragedy. Tears are falling out my eyes as I type this. Just saying her name gets me emotional. I remember crying in the shower, blending my tears with the water, thinking about her, and how they just killing us (black people) and getting away with it. I have avoided the latest news on Sandra since it happened to avoid being disappointed, but I hope that cop gets life in jail. Yeah, right! He probably been assigned administrative duties. If he didn’t pay with his life then it’s not equal.  I vow when I become rich that I will use a portion of my wealth to fighting injustice and bad police. 

This is my pledge! #IReallyMeanIt


What Are Your Thoughts?

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