I finally figured out why women are attracted to men in prison. MUST READ

Many women chose to establish relationships with men in prison because of the forced circumstances it places on the situation. Typically the woman has an abusive past or has dealt with a cheating spouse for a long term. Lastly the female is reaching an older age where she feels it’s her “last chance” to foster a good relationship with a man.
There are several forced circumstances I mentioned earlier. One, it’s normally an opportunity for role reversal in terms of control. The woman ultimately dictates when they meet and has ultimate say so. If not, she just won’t show up at visiting hours. It also afford her a captive, attentive partner which she likely didn’t have prior. Another seen benefit is the male is forced (without other options) to be faithful. The female doesn’t have to worry about his faithfulness nor be concerned about safety while away. Lastly, it’s an oddity for her, something out of the norm and draws the attention of friends / family.


8 thoughts on “I finally figured out why women are attracted to men in prison. MUST READ

    1. Umm yes he is! He has nowhere else to go. And even if another woman is sending money she could easily check the books herself and see who else has time slots on days she don’t visit.


      1. Not always. Trust me, I’ve worked in the prison industry. Some cheat more in there than they did outside. As long as they keep them on separate days/times they get away with it.


      2. Well I know a girl who got a peek at the meeting books and broke it off with the guy. You worked in prison industry? Good thing I didn’t write that post titled “Never trust a woman who is a prison guard” after becoming inspired about recent events involving them.


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