How can I bring down Taco Bell?

You might have recalled my prior post about an unfriendly encounter at Taco Bell.  It’s still going strong. The damn district manager claimed he was going to re-coach the team. Since I haven’t been in there since I don’t have evidence of this. He also got my damn ADDRESS. I have it to him on the pretense I would be receiving some type of gift card or something. We had this conversation 2 Monday’s ago. I called Customer Service to complain about this Friday. I was told by Wednesday (today) that someone higher than the District Manager would call me. Nobody fucking called me!!!! I’m not letting this go! If I go back in there and this not resolved WOOO WOOO 

At first this was about 2 people. Now this about Taco Bell. They do not wanna piss off the mind behind Passport Bear and Magnum Opusinger. 


9 thoughts on “How can I bring down Taco Bell?

  1. Let me write yo letters for now on. Either I’m good at expressing dissatisfaction, or Jimmy Johns, Chipotle, CVS, Sprint, AT&T and Panda Express take bad service reeeeally seriously.

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    1. I must admit I haven’t taken your advice about writing that email. What you said was true but I have this thing where I feel like I can’t express myself with words and people need to hear my voice. That’s why I’m going to do more calling. If I write it will be all day. I keep putting it off. Do I need to add more info so you can know the story to write from a dissatisfaction state? Do you think Taco Bell does on the level of those companies? Because I’m not letting this go!

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