I did it! Goodbye YouTube! 

I just put the finishing touches on the Finale of my YouTube series and I am quite please how it ended, especially considering I had to re-write the whole episode because I don’t have a certain-certain prop. The two areas I’m pleased with the most is the lighting and the length. The previous I shot had bad lighting due to the sun fading in and out. I don’t have a light switch in my room or a lamp so I depended on the outside. Bad enough a big building across the street blocking the sun. I just needed it to stay consistent for the duration and it finally did. Speaking of the duration, those previous shoots was in the neighborhood of 7 minutes. I got it down to 6:40. I’m so pleased with the twists and turns and wrapping up everything from previous episodes.

You can’t tell me I’m not a good writer (when I wanna be) and a great story-teller. I killed this series!  

It will be released tomorrow noon for those interested. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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