I look at Dr. Dre In A Whole New Light

That light is bad one. I didn’t know he has a history of beating women. This how my discovery played out. An ad came one before this YouTube video I clicked to watched. Dre had a new album. I researched it. Found out the new NWA movie came out. Along the way I found articles about certain stuff that was left out the movie. Then boom! Fuck you Dr. Dre!!!! I am now a fan of Michele. A few days ago I read an article about her saying her father never told her he loved her. Then when she started getting into abusive relationships, like with Dre, she thought that getting beat was the way a man’s showed his love. Then when Suge wouldn’t beat her when he was upset with her she asked him, “Why don’t you beat me? Don’t you love me?” Sad shit. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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