I hate writing about sex

Unless it’s for educational purposes, otherwise, it’s cheap and I am cheating myself. I never go into my writing with the intentions of referencing sex directly or indirectly. It really just happens.  I follow the story and where the pen takes me. For instance, my last story on FY, Cake Face. That stuff about relationships just happened. While I was in my writing process, brainstorming, that angle just came to me. It all started with the opening question then it flowed from there. Sex is over-rated to me. I hate writing about relationships too unless it’s from an educational angle. I’m just looking at some of my recent posts and it disgusts me that sex is directly or indirectly mentioned. 

Do you know how much I hate my most viewed article on FY being Masturbating With Imagination? Of all the dope things I wrote, that’s the post that benefited the most from SEO. Smh! 

I’m working on a new story, and guess what sex is indirectly involved. I have to change that and write it from a different perspective. Again, it’s not that I wanna write about sex. That’s just how the story is set up. I don’t like it so I’m not gone publish it until I come up with a better idea  


What Are Your Thoughts?

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