The one word that made me look at marriage in a whole different light

I will never forget it, and if this happened over 10 years ago, the future looks bright. I was watching an episode of The Parkers (with the comedian Monique, who I love by the way). I don’t remember the character names or the actors that played them, but I remember this scene very well. The male wanted to eat some chicken (lmao) or some food he was craving. His wife, who was a health freak, deemed his food choices unhealthy and poor taste. Hold up! Before I continue, I do wanna say I do recognize her worrying about her husband’s health was caring. It truly was! Now back. When the male was persistent in his talks about him eating some chicken, the woman threatened him with ONE WORD: Alimony. From that point to the end of the show he OBEYED her to the T. At this time, I only knew the basic concepts of marriage, and what I knew was beautiful. But I was immediately disgusted when I looked up what Alimony meant, which led me to learn how nasty and costly divorces are. And if kids involved? Woo! Suffice to say, I’m never getting married … unless it’s to Janelle Monae. 

I would gladly give up Popeyes chicken for her. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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