11 Times

The treadmill in our fitness center was damaged back in June. That was the last time I ran. After seeing the new management taking their time to replace it I had the bright idea of running in the park. I had this idea one day in July. My ideal time was 6AM. But because I like to stay up late and eat unhealthy foods I had many false starts. Well last night I went to bed at 9. Earlier in the day I did have four spicy chicken sandwiches from Checkers. Well,  today, I am writing this after running the track. I didn’t even wanna wait until I took a shower to notate this. I went across it 11 times. I alternated between walking and running. 5 runs; 6 walks. Because it’s been a while I ran and a while while since I ran outside I did somewhat struggle with breath control. Then factor in those aforementioned chicken sandwiches. I still did great. I feel the burn in my legs. Bets believe I will do this again tomorrow morning. I got to look good for my video finale and Dallas. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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