You know what type of pictures I hate? 

Those with people posing in front of cars that don’t belong to them or the photographer. You can tell they don’t own it; just look at their body language; they make sure not to get too close. The real car owner should photo bomb them! Boom! 


19 thoughts on “You know what type of pictures I hate? 

  1. That IS weird, unless it’s like…I dunno, an antique or somethin super historical and landmark-y. I used to date this millionaire loser face who had a really cool car (or so guys and girls that aren’t me thought) and whenever we went anywhere, people would ask to have their pic taken with the car. It reminds me of how groupies and side chicks take pics of dudes when they’re sleep. Ok, bye now.

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      1. You’re on eastern time then. I know you gone be up until 5AM so that’s why I said by your tonight. I’m looking it up. I’m assuming if WP doesn’t show it then there has to be an app for it.

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      2. Lol, I’m gonna try not to be. I never do that on purpose. My brain just never shuts off when I want it to. But I don’t wanna stop you from your normal program. I’ll try to find it, lol.


  2. Lol, thanks. The BBB remark I made on “Texas” wouldn’t go over too well, but I don’t see you deleting it. I sure as hell don’t want you deleting yours cause that shit is funny with or without context, lmao.

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    1. Nah, I didn’t delete that one. I was just about to ask you did you want that deleted too. I knowwwwww. You know how people say certain stuff and you save it so you can look at it later? I just gotta look in the trash to read your comment. But okay I’ll delete yours but keep mines.

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      1. I’m about to go to sleep with a smile.

        P.S. I left the vague ones but not ones that was explicit. Like mines still there. Just let me know. I looked through ’em.


      2. Lmao! Well hopefully you express it in a post. If I wake up tomorrow and I see one of those headline leading into the posts things again I’m gone send a devil emoji your way 😡

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