You know what I hate about seeing an attractive (personality) person on the Internet?

That they’re thousands of miles away from you and because you’re aren’t rich (yet) you can’t see close the gap. It’s this blogger on WordPress who is the MOST adorable girl I have ever seen. I know you probably wasn’t expecting to see “adorable.” Yes, she is the other stuff, too. But that word just comes to mind when I see her loose Afro hair and that damn smile. Sorry for cursing like a sailor. She has this classic look about her like Janelle Monae. She looks like a Josephine, which is funny because that’s the name of my beloved in my YouTube series. She’s also attractive on the inside too. I know this because of her posts. I won’t tell her how I feel because she has a boyfriend. This is the first time I shared this outside my head. I guess I’m doing it to play mind games because several people who I have rapport with on WordPress will be asking, “Is he talking about me?” Well, I am talking talking about YOU. 

I feel helpless looking at your photo because it’s nothing I can do about it even if you wasn’t in a relationship. This is why I hate the Internet sometimes. 

Clue: The pronunciation of her name is actually hidden in the post. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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