WordPress, help me get these two Taco Bell workers fired! 

Affecting their money! What better way to get revenge on a person? Here’s what happened to me. Today I went to Taco Bell to try out their new grillers. I rode a trolley there. Soon as I walk in, an employee named Arnesha who was mopping the floor says “hey.” I didn’t greet her back. I don’t have to. The manager, her name is CeCe, was the cashier. I proceeded to order my food. She suggested a drink. I was firm and content with what I ordered so I didn’t answer and just held out my hand for my change. She then asked, “Are you in a rush?” I didn’t reply. I just moved to the side for the next customer in line. There was no next customer in line. During this, Arnesha had went to the back (where they prepare food). Manager called her up. I’m holding my head down counting my change. When Arnesha comes back to front, I see from my peripheral the manager gestures toward me. Arnesha randomly brings up a story about some guy’s appearance as a way to indirectly say something about mines. I know this trick! The thing she said is something I’m secure about because if I wasn’t I would be wearing what she had on. I’m being vague, I know. I wasn’t going to leave without addressing her tactic. So while she was at the register I gave her my attention after her 3 failed attempts earlier. A back and forth ensued. Then a back and forth with the manager ensued. Then a crowd gathered. Then I became fearful of a toenail or a string of Arnesha’s weave being in my burrito, which I obviously wouldn’t have found out about until I got home. I asked for a refund, but before I gave her the receipt I made sure I took a picture of it to capture the store number, name of person at register, time and date. Authentication. I left without any food. I am pissed. I already followed proper protocol by filing a complaint with customer service over the phone. I expect the district manager to call me by Wednesday. I will wait to for their decision before I take further actions. 
I want cold-hearted revenge! Revenge like CeCe and Arnesha losing their jobs. Because now this will be an ongoing issue seeing as this is my home Taco Bell I visit more than others. And don’t tell me I deserved to have had nearly of an hour of my time wasted, trolley fare back and forth, my appearance mocked, no food in my belly all because I didn’t wanna talk to them??? When you work in customer service you HAVE TO have a flexible attitude because you will deal with a myriad of personality types. The pleasant and not so pleasant. I guess because I was strictly about my business and nothing extra I border on the latter. 

WordPress, talk to me!!!!!


2 thoughts on “WordPress, help me get these two Taco Bell workers fired! 

  1. You can’t “call” these situations in. You have to write (email) them. I’ve mastered the art of describing customer service experiences, good and bad. It’s more impactful to email because it means you were so upset you took the time out to write it down. Like later today I have to make time to get in Pizza Hut’s ass. When you call, a customer service rep documents whatever but it doesn’t carry your emotions or any punch to it. When you write, a service rep sees it, the regional manager, manager, and maybe more people in whatever chain of command. It travels.

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    1. Wouldn’t a phone call carry your emotions better? You actually get to use your voice. The pitch, melody, the tone. Yes, the customer service rep was writing down what I said in her own words. This is my first time being this upset and having to take it there. I was too angry to write and had to talk to a human. I spoke with the district manager yesterday. He said he would send me some type of gift card (I hate I had to give out my address). And said he would go in and re-coach the team. Soon as I get whatever he sends me IT’S ON. However, I’m not gone go through my original plan for revenge, which I knew would have cost them their job.

      Long story short…this is why I need to start grocery shopping again.

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