Hell-puh! This Inception Happened To Me!

I literally just woke up from a nightmare. I forgot what it was about. All I can remember is me screaming for help. I heard it in my head but I don’t know if I was actually saying it out loud. I can’t wake up the person next to me and ask them because I sleep alone and live alone. All I’m concerned about is did my neighbors hear me. These thin ass walls. Wonder did the noise of the AC muffle my screams? Those screams in my head were loud and frightening. It was as if I was being tortured before my death. After I opened my eyes I didn’t move. I don’t think I could If I wanted to. And I wanted to! I just laid there looking in the darkness hoping not to see the white of someone else’s eyes. Felt like I was paralyzed. When I could move my arms they felt like dead weight. What was going through my head? Did anybody walking the hallway slow their pace when walking pass my door to hear what was going on? Or were the people in the next apartment listening in with glasses against the wall? As if they need them with these thin ass vagina walls. I was trying to hear people whispering through the blowing of the air conditioner. This would have been my only evidence the screams were heard outside my head. I eventually got up, took a piss, took some cold water to the face, stared at the light that glows underneath my door to see if it darkened, talked to myself to make sure I didn’t lose my voice, and made sure my door was locked. You know what, I believe the thunderstorm (power drifted on and off) from 4 hours ago is the mastermind behind this! 
It’s 3:34AM. I’m going back to sleep …

… but first let me get out of this comfortable position I stuggled to find in the bed and turn off this damn AC…
… I’m getting goosebumps. 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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