WordPress, please help me understand this girl. 

Today I received an email from a girl I went to high school with. We were nothing in high school. Not friends. Not associates. Not boyfriend and girlfriend. We weren’t teammates in some science project. We never sat at the same lunch table. We were nothing.  I didn’t know her name but she knew mines. She was more familiar with me than I was of her, mostly, because of my taciturn. Sometime in 2012 we found each other via social media and became somewhat close. Talking on phone, hanging out, making plans together, etc. Then we fell out. I’m responsible. I’m Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The friendship ended on a sour note. A few hours ago she emailed me. Guess what made her think about me enough for her to contact me? Some damn chips! Takis to be exact. I was very fond of them during our friendship and introduced them to her. I created a symbol that spoke in my absence. She saw some in the store and bought them. This made her think about me. She also wanted to remind me of our upcoming 10 year high school reunion. She had school pride. I never did. I shared this during several conversations. 

My first reply to her was light and displayed my sense of humor, which suggested I welcome you back in my life. I could have been an asshole and held grudges, which I’m prone to do. My vision was for us to exchange numbers (I have since changed mines) and talk all night on the phone and set up a meeting. I also had to believe her reaching out to me just had to be about more than some damn chips and a funky reunion. Neither of which I care about. Later down the emails I expressed this to her. I’m looking for a “I miss you, I love you, I want you in my life.” As of writing, she has not expressed her true intentions other than the aforementioned subjects.  You telling me you contacted me purely out of some damn chips and a funky high school?????

I will be writing an official post about this on my main blog. 

I am very disappointed! 


13 thoughts on “WordPress, please help me understand this girl. 

  1. Be honest with her. If you tell her you missed talking to her, she will tell you if she did as well. If you want an apology, you may want to apologize first since you say it was your fault. And then say something along the lines of, “I know this took place a long time ago, but if we want to continue this friendship, I need some closure on..(whatever happened).[Insert your apology].” She will follow with an apology as well! Most of the time girls are to timid to make the first leap, but once you crack the door open the truth will come flooding through! Good Luck!

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    1. That’s what I mean. She took the first leap by contacting me after 2 years. Not me. I wasn’t thinking about her but when she emailed me I welcomed it. Don’t you think she should be the one to say these things?


      1. Not necessarily. If it is bothering you, then you say it first. There is nothing wrong with apologizing. It is not accepting defeat. It is humane. And if you want this relationship to go further, you will have to apologize at some point. So why is doing it first so wrong? And if she doesn’t apologize, maybe this is not someone you want to be in a relationship. So test it out see how it goes. What’s the worst that can happen?


      2. Doing it first is wrong because I wasn’t the one to communicate with her after all this time neither did I plan on it. While I was welcoming the contact that doesn’t mean I was hoping for it all this time. Yeah I still wanted to be friends with her but I am comfortable with her being dead in the pass. Only reason I entertained the thought is because of her contacting me and remembering all these things about me. If I hit her up first then I can see me apologizing but she wrote me first. The thing I’m pissed about is her contacting me because of some chips and a reunion which doesn’t make ANY sense Why would you contact someone after 2 years talking about these insignificant things?


      3. She probably is still entertaining the idea of being with you. And I still don’t think there is a protocol of “She contacted first = she apologizes first.” Maybe, she thinks its all in the past and doesn’t realize that it is still upsetting you. Really just be open and communicate with her. If you really don’t want to apologize first, tell her it still upsets you and you’d like to talk about it to gain some closure so that you can move forward with this friendship. But silence about something that is bothering you, will never help.


      4. She does know. I expressed exactly what I wrote here to her. We weren’t together in the way I assume you meant. Strictly platonic. She said it wasn’t about chips and a reunion which I’m still very offended by. She said if I want to still be pals we could but I don’t like that because she is putting the ball in my court. I am perfectly content with how the past played out. I had no intentions of communicating with her again. I haven’t really even thought about her since. But I was welcoming of her presence back in my life. When we was first emailing I didn’t have an issue with contacting me but then when she said “enjoy the rest of your events sir” I was pissed because at that point it did seem like she contacted me to let me know about the reunion and the chips. After 2 years. I can’t tell you how offensive that is to me!

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      5. Awesome! I’m glad you told her! Why do you take offense to that? She was probably just thinking about you and wanted to check in and say “hey, thinking of you!” I think its a nice friendly thing to do. And as far as the “ball in your court goes”, she is saying that she still wants to be friends. It seems you are the one that has a tainted view of the relationship, so she wants to let you decide if you want to be friends with her as well.


      6. So you telling me it’s appropriate and okay for you to contact a person who you had a bad falling out with 2 years ago about some potato chips and a high school reunion, two things that were never a huge part of your conversations? You telling me that’s acceptable?


      7. I mean, yeah. I don’t think she is coming from a place of offending you or belittling what you had. I think she just saw some chips that reminded her of you – endearing – and though of seeing you in the future at the reunion, and wanted to reach out and just say hi. I think she is just trying to show that she is over whatever happened and she wants to still be friends.


      8. I just wanna say thank you for going back and forth with me on this, whoever you are! You could have simply “liked” my post but you did more. I will repay the debt later.

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