Ayo! I’m tired of using technology! 

I still think about this blogger who was in a 3-4 year long distance relationship with her boyfriend. They actually met before, as they were attended the same school. She was in California; he in Atlanta. It was so uplifting to then see posts of her moving in with him. It was like …yeah! I was happy! But then … me and her got close, which means she put me all in her business, telling me how he doesn’t appreciate her to the same extent he did before she moved in. I mean, that was like 85% of her damn conversation. I was kind of pissed she wasn’t keeping these things to herself because I wouldn’t want my girl seeking outside counsel. She use to tell me how her wearing something “hot” wouldn’t distract him from his video games; how he would be on Facebook liking other girls photos but wouldn’t compliment her. Crazy thing is from what I know about her is that she was a GREAT girlfriend and he is one of those guys that needs distance to appreciate what he has. I actually liked her and hate we fell out. Sometimes I think about visiting her blog to get an update. 

Fun fact: Her name is somewhere in this post. Haha. 


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