To BreyBrey34 from Ordinary Adventures 

You can click “like” on all my posts all you want. I know you don’t read them. How has that worked out for you??? Have I ever checked your blog out? Hell no! 


12 thoughts on “To BreyBrey34 from Ordinary Adventures 

    1. And you would have got a special post dedicated to you just like the last two bloggers who blindly hit “like,” although I haven’t seen you hit the button on numerous posts of mines without saying something.


  1. Look, I’m also not the biggest fan of likes, trust me. Of course I want engagement and followers, just like anyone else. But you’re looking at this the complete wrong way.
    There’s this simple fact a lot of writers/bloggers out there seem to forget: People owe you nothing.
    Being pissed because people just liked your post is counter productive and, sorry for my candor, not a very smart thing to do. Why? Well, your readers owe you nothing.

    Maybe the person didn’t have anything to add to your post but liked it anyway. Maybe they were in a hurry, but thought the post deserved a like. And yeah, maybe they were mass-liking.
    Take those likes and enjoy them, or shrug them off, whatever is best for you. But don’t assume people are obligated to engage with you. They are not. They will engage with you because they want to.
    Why? Because they owe you nothing.

    Engagement leads to engagement. That simple. Some of my posts will generate a lot of engagement, others not so much. It is what it is. I take those likes and appreciate them. If I’m in a bad day, I’ll shrug them off. Whatever.

    Also, lots of likes in a post is a good sign. It means people are finding your posts, and that’s pretty good already.


    1. Yet you wrote all this! I can actually care less if people read anything I write. I don’t owe them shit either. But it’s still frustrating to see the same person like a post over and over especially if it’s 2,000 words and they press like soon as you publish.


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