How should I punish my son for hitting me in the testicles?

My son came home very late and we were arguing and then he locked himself in his room so I took the door knob off and told him his door would stay like this for a month. He got mad and tried to punch me but I got both of his hands and he tried to get off but I was holding him very well…then he kneed me in the testicles very hard and I collapsed and couldnt breathe…it was probably the hardest hit i have gotten there all my life, but they’re should I punish him for this? he’s 16 almost 17..

 Serious answers please


20 thoughts on “How should I punish my son for hitting me in the testicles?

      1. You wanna know a secret? I don’t have a son. And if I did he wouldn’t be old enough to hit me in the balls. And ready for a shocker? I didn’t write it. I was googling stuff about painful testicles and on my journey I found this on Yahoo answers and thought it was funny as hell and shared it. Now before you say your childhood is ruined and question your favorite blogger other material I endure you this and probably another post on here (not sure) are like that. Everything else and especially on FY is mines.

        Did you see the post “What the hell is she trying to prove?” That’s not true either. I did write it on my own,however, the idea isn’t original. I was watching my SUITS DVDS and that scene came on and I wanted to share it. I do a lot of roleplaying. I can be a kid, a sexy granny, old man with blue balls, etc. Basically don’t take nothing I say for face value. Well most stuff. Sometimes I am being for 4 serious.

        And honestly by you coming to this old post and slick interrogating me I feel like you knew that I got it from Yahoo Answers and just wanted to see if I would keep the lie up or admit truth. Hmm. 😏


      2. No…I knew you didn’t have a son (you mentioned that in another blog and I’ve pegged your age to be close to mine)…and I did not know it was from Yahoo. I wasn’t interrogating you…I was moreso like “How did you come up with this because it sounds like a legit question on a help column”. Kind of like what made you write something that sounded like a legit problem when you don’t have said predicament? Cause this isbone of the poems that when I read it, thought I missed something or that there was a guest writer.


      3. Yeah so many typos. Seems like you were sleep. I know I was. I said I need to start putting LOL’s behind stuff cause I didn’t mean no harm about the interrogation thing.

        You better record that so I can see it. Or at least post the poem afterwards. I hope you have the crowd rocking 😊


      4. Yeah, I was sleep and kinda depressed so I came off a bit loopy. I will try to have someone record it if the production team doesn’t. And yeah, lol’s may help. I’m sensitive. And I suspect that you are too in a way.

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      5. Not trying to offer unsolicited advice but I just wanna put this in the air. I would say if you are still feeling depressed (assuming it is because of your upcoming birthday) then use that emotion to drive your performance tonight. Then afterwards I hope you are feeling better. Just get it out. Yeah I’m going to start putting LOL’s (I hate typing like that) just so it isn’t no confusion which always happen through texts because we can’t identify tones. And you suspect right. I’m definitely sensitive lol (there it go).

        Go kill that stage! 🎬🎤

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